email is part of Office 365 you can easy cooperate with all members of SGS using the email, email is the official platform for messaging

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  • IT Helpdesk

    You can submit a ticket to IT Service Desk if you have any issues with your computer,network or IP Phone,…

  • Policy and procedures manuals

    Policy and procedures manuals, are the mandatory for every employee is to understanding business processes, these documentation is covering public…

  • Sharepoint

    Cooperation and Document Management systems for business [redirect url='' sec='1']      

  • SAP WebAccess

    SAP web access to Business Portal for back-end applications, access is permitted by Information Technology Department, if you need any…

  • eBusiness Portal

    Travelling need to book for a ticket with Employees discounts, SV Portal is the gateway for travelling and getting tickets…

  • Office 365

    Cloud based services for all SGS employees, for coolobration includes Mail,Sharepoint, OneDrive Documents and Yammer Loading .... [redirect url='' sec='3']…

  • Portal (Citrix)

    Citrix is the Portal for SGS Applications hosted in SGS Servers Loading .... [redirect url='' sec='3']    

SGS Main website for public

SGS Main website for public

SGS Main website for public